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Our agency provides its customers with services for the organization of the escort accompany any orientation. Payment for services of any of the models, the data which are presented on the site, implies exceptional customer support. Any actions and events not listed above that may take place are considered perfect and occurred solely by mutual consent of adults, and do not apply to the services provided by the agency. Information posted on this website can not be considered, directly or indirectly, by offering services other than those mentioned above. The use of materials of this site is permitted only with the consent of the visitors with the above conditions.



Strictly 18+

  1. All payments for services of escort agencies … as well as its agents, it charges only for customer familiarity with the model.
  2. The payment that the model receives is a payment for escort services, in Russian – escort, as well as the services of a guide, a personal secretary, an interpreter or one of the listed services.
  3. All that relates to the personal relationships that may arise or not arise between the client and the model is an exclusive right of two adults, adult citizens and is not a service provided by an escort agency and is not subject to any financial compensation between the clients and the agency model.
  4. The Escort Agency … does not offer, does not agree, does not condone and does not advertise prostitution or any other illegal services.
  5. Any actions and events not listed above that may take place are considered perfect and occurred solely by mutual consent of adults, and do not refer to the services provided by the agency.
  6. Information posted on this site can not be considered, directly or indirectly, by offering services other than those mentioned above.
  7. Our agency is an elite private club and members are required to comply with the rules and conditions of membership, including an agreement on abstention from the requirement of illegal services from the agency or from the model.


We also ask all our clients to always behave in a respectful manner in communication with agency representatives or with models.



Reputation – a fragile thing. In order to gain a worthy reputation, it sometimes takes decades, and it can be destroyed within a few minutes. Knowing perfectly well that there are different circumstances in life, and not including the need to list them, we take full responsibility for ensuring that the relationship between you and our agency is not publicized in any way. Fully taking care of customers credibility, we in the selection of the girls pay maximum attention to the fact that they do not even accidentally you could compromise. Confidentiality is the key to tranquility. It is our constant credo, the foundation of our image and our corporate philosophy.






Services for escort:

Escort to the Congress

Escort for a business meeting

Escort on secular parties

Escort for the event

Escort on fashion week

Entering the society

Escort to negotiate

Corporate party



Law permits escort services. We do not provide companions and satellites for the provision of sexual services. If sex occurs only by mutual sympathy, the company has nothing to do with this, our girls receive money only for escort services.

Our models:

– are educated;

– speak foreign languages;

– have excellent external data;

– well and tastefully dressed;

– they are able to behave in a secular society;

– can support any conversation


Individual selection of the girl for your event. Girls for all tastes, as well as the model looks.


Ski resort

With the onset of the first frosts, many of us dream of warm countries, where you can enjoy the sea and the sun all year round. But if in your dreams there are not palms and hot sand, but snow-covered ski slopes, mountains, romantic chalets (houses) we suggest you to choose the best escort models for an unforgettable holiday in our agency.

Our girls are able to go skiing or snowboarding.


Our agency organizes various events with the most beautiful girls of European appearance, and if you understand the exotic, we will provide you with charming Asiatic or African women. If you are interested in escort services, business escort, escort for fashion week, escort for negotiations or for a corporate party, congress, business meeting, organization of trips, stag parties and various events – by contacting us you can always count on a full range of services, reasonable price, confidentiality, reliability, excellent treatment, individual approach to each client, as well as discounts for regular customers.




Our elite models will be able to travel with you to anywhere in the world only an order must be made in advance. If you want to order the Escort services or Trip with model, you must do this at least 7 days before the trip, if you want to order a girl immediately, 24 hours before the trip, otherwise an additional fee will be charged, you need to choose the trip that interests you after what girl you want to order, the country where you want to go with her, the form of payment and then choose how many days your trip will last. Payment can be made in bitcoins, by money order, or in cash at a prepayment of 50% as a reserve, after which the agency immediately contact the customer, provides information about the girl, her phone number, email, Skype and informs about further actions. The agency will necessarily request confirmation of the reservation of the hotel / apartments / chalets / villas, air tickets and a copy of the passport of the client who made the order (all information is strictly confidential), the agency is fully entitled to request any documents of interest on request.

After the girl met you, you have to pay the second half of the cost of the order to the girl in the hands / bitcoins / money order.


In case of cancellation by the client:


If you cancel the order 24 hours before the trip, 50% of the reserve is charged.

If you cancel the order, when the girl is already on the road to the client, 100% of the reserve is charged from him.

If the customer cancels the order immediately or within 3 days (62 hours) after completing the order, the reserve is returned to him in full 50%

If after 3 days (62 hours) a reserve of 30% is returned


In case of cancellation by the girl:


If the girl canceled the order 24 hours before the trip, then you must show the tickets you paid for the girl’s name and surname, they will be reimbursed in full, and the client will be able to choose any other girl from the agency and you will be given a discount.


If the girl canceled the order immediately or up to 3 days (62 hours) after the order, the client is not paid anything and is given the opportunity to choose any other girl.


Order begins with a minimum order of 1 day.


You can book a trip with a girl to any country.

Payment is made with a reserve of 50% the remaining 50% paid at the meeting with the model.

The client pays all expenses associated with the trip: tickets in both directions, hotel / villa / apartment, trips to restaurants / cafes; opera / museums / shows.

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