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  • All payments for services of escort agencies … as well as its agents, it charges only for customer familiarity with the model.
  • The payment that the model receives is a payment for escort services, in Russian – escort, as well as the services of a guide, a personal secretary, an interpreter or one of the listed services.
  • All that relates to the personal relationships that may arise or not arise between the client and the model is an exclusive right of two adults, adult citizens and is not a service provided by an escort agency and is not subject to any financial compensation between the clients and the agency model.
  • The Escort Agency … does not offer, does not agree, does not condone and does not advertise prostitution or any other illegal services.
  • Any actions and events not listed above that may take place are considered perfect and occurred solely by mutual consent of adults, and do not refer to the services provided by the agency.
  • Information posted on this site can not be considered, directly or indirectly, by offering services other than those mentioned above.
  • Our agency is an elite private club and members are required to comply with the rules and conditions of membership, including an agreement on abstention from the requirement of illegal services from the agency or from the model.

We also ask all our clients to always behave in a respectful manner in communication with agency representatives or with models.

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