World Cruise

  • 1day1 500€
  • 2days2 700€
  • 3days3 900€
  • 4days5 100€
  • 5days6 300€

Going on world cruise with a breathtaking woman can become one of the most intense experiences in your life. Explore together new distant countries, rich cultures and authentic food.

Spending much time on board, you will need to have someone to talk to. If you don’t want to be bored, choose one of our beautiful escort girls. Sweet-tempered and outgoing, she will make sure you are satisfied with your trip.

You will enjoy the sight of her taking a sunbath on the deck or swimming in the pool. Just think of helping her with her sunscreen or taking a refreshing cocktail together in the pool bar.  The aesthetic pleasure is one of the greatest ones you can experience, so why not yield to temptation?

Going out to a dinner in her little black dress, she will shine but for you. Smart and witty, she is an ideal companion for a dinner or cocktail, as she masters perfectly both little talks and more fundamental discussions.

With your graceful companion, you can keep it real, as she is far from being superficial. Dance all night if you want to, she will be there to share your joy and excitement. If you feel like spending a quiet evening, she will create a charming atmosphere and make you feel happy.

You can forget about quarrels over which program to choose ashore. For the real woman, a friendly relationship is a top priority.

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