Beach holidays

  • 1day1 500€
  • 2days2 700€
  • 3days3 900€
  • 4days5 100€
  • 5days6 300€
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Are you sick and tired of your routine? Take two days off, turn off your phone and escape with one of our amazing models somewhere no one can find you.

Take refuge on the welcoming beaches of Canary Islands, enjoy whitewashed landscapes of Greece or discover hidden gems of Italian coves with our awesome beauties.

Our escort girls are made for beach vacations. Their perfect bodies look like mirage glowing under the sun, while their lazy and graceful gestures tune you to a special holiday frequency.

The occasions to enjoy life are countless. Just take a refreshing cocktail and observe your sexy companion playing volleyball in her tiny bikini or try to teach her to surf among the waves of ruthless ocean. Let her help you with your sunscreen every time you come out of water and feel her hot velvet touch on your cool skin. Be foolish and build a sandcastle with your seductive architect.

In the evening, join a swinging party, where everything is permitted. Hot dances, sensual looks, exciting touches and flirt – you won’t forget the crazy nights spent with our extraordinary girls. Once you get back to your suite, you can opt for erotic massage to relax and get a good, delicious sleep.

You only have one life to live, so stop running for a moment and indulge yourself with beach holidays full of surprises and romance.

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