Strip show

  • 1hour600€
  • 1.5hour800€
  • 2hours1 000€

Enjoy not only the impact on the body, but also from watching a beautiful girl. Massage becomes an entire erotic show, breathtaking men and a pleasing look. Imagine how beautiful you are in the dance in front of you. She wants to brighten up your evening, and you definitely will not leave in a bad mood.

You will look, and be excited, while the girl performs a private dance, where there is no room for restraint and adversity – let it all remain beyond the threshold. But frank movements are not all that awaits the client. Various caresses, manipulations, imitations, kisses, touches … Desire will turn your head! Excitement will cover with a hot wave, and a classic massage will relax all muscle groups and give a sense of inner harmony.

Our girls are very attractive, but this is not the only virtue. Their professionalism and skills will lift you to the peak of bliss and reveal your inner potential. After this presentation, you will be ready to turn the mountains – this we promise.

Strip show excites the body and mind, and we will provide maximum comfort during the session. Set on a wave of ecstasy and a pleasant stay in the place with us. A charming young woman, a professional of her craft: she will perform for you an exhilarating dance. A gentle girl, in sexy lingerie, under pleasant motives will dance for you the most frank strip show. Her nude forms, in time with the music will erotic move. About this incredible sight. The graceful body irritates the most unintelligent fantasies. All its kind it will help you tune in to a wave of complete relaxation.

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