Prostate massage

  • 1hour350€
  • 1.5hour450€
  • 2hours550€

There is another method of healing the male body – an erotic massage of the prostate that beneficially affects the prostate gland and simultaneously delivers a tremendous pleasure to the man, incomparable to nothing else. Not everyone will venture to visit the urologist’s office, but resort to such a kind of service as erotic massage, many will express a wish.Erotic massage of the prostate gland not only delivers an incredible bliss to a man (as opposed to a medical one), but is also the best preventive remedy for a severe prostatitis. The massage only once a week can give to client this kind of sexual pleasure and the possibility to stop this disease forever. Well, well, it is a personal choice for everyone. Happiness and health, too, requires some kind of sacrifice, and existing in the mind of a man prejudices and complexes can only harm his sexual life. For those who care about his sexual health, and who still decided to try a sensual erotic prostate massage, we guarantee the quality work of our masseuses.

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