Nuru massage

  • 1hour250€
  • 1.5hour350€
  • 2hours450€

Oil can be a very exciting element of erotic massage. Or not. If you don’t really fancy massage oil because of its texture, try our Nuru massage.
Nuru massage is a variety of body to body massage, where your sexy masseuse uses a Japanese gel called Nuru. Our masseuses like this gel because of its refreshing texture, its cooling touch and incredible new experience it offers. Being great lubricant with slippery texture, Nuru Gel makes the massage manoeuvres very fluid and accomplished.
As Nuru massage includes body to body techniques, we need it to be smooth and pleasant. It starts with anticipation, when you watch our hot naked girl putting Nuru gel on her skin. Once the masseuse gets ready, she’ll take care of your tired body.
Feel her feminine curves sliding on your body and interacting with every inch of it. You will be enchanted by the sweet music of her movements: she will alternate speeding up and slowing down, and show you what passion can be. She will advance like a graceful cat who knows what is good for both of you.
When you can’t bear the temptation any more, your sexy masseuse will invent the most unforgettable happy ending, so unusual with Nuru gel.

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