Erotic massage

  • 1hour250€
  • 90minutes350€
  • 4hours450€

During the Erotic massage, the girl uses different techniques. The masseuse moves through the body of the client with her naked body, forcing him to experience extraordinary power and sexual desire.
Thanks to it, clients receive the highest degree of relaxation, especially when an experienced and relaxed masseuse conducts the session:

She slowly takes off her clothes, allowing the client to examine each piece of her body, to evaluate a slim figure, to be charged with sexual energy, desire.
The girl begins to stroke the body of the man, leaning closer to him. She kneads his back, smoothly moves to the pelvic area, buttocks, tearing off the towel from the client’s thighs. Tension in a man grows with every touch of beauty.

Turning the man on his back, she smears her hands and naked body with oil, begins to stroke the tight male breasts, stomach, smoothly moving to the erect penis.

The masseuse performs sex massage with both hands and with her lush breasts, buttocks.
Experienced seduction pours aroma oil on the excited member. Tightly clasping the phallus hand, she makes massage movements, moving up and down, without forgetting the second hand to massage the scrotum.

The sensual massage ends with complete satisfaction of the client, euphoria.

There is no sex after the massage, the session ends with deep psychological ecstasy. The main goal of such a massage is to improve the mind and body of the client, to open in him a sensual potential, to stimulate desire in it. But do not think that the visitor leaves our institution unsatisfied. Our girls give men a state of lightness, bliss and final pleasure and without sex.

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