Couple massage

  • 1hour500€
  • 1.5hour700€
  • 2hours900€

Erotic massage for a couple is like a “role play”, where there are two loving people and massage masters who guide you to a “sweet journey of passion”. For someone, this is a “sense check”, for someone it is “bringing a spark into a relationship”, for someone it is “pleasure from what he has seen.” You can come up with a scenario of the game yourself and discuss it in advance. The couple chooses who will massage, two girls or a guy with a girl.

Everything is strict and anonymous! We value our reputation and customers! Erotic massage couples can diversify their relationship and breathe new feelings into them, light a spark.
The process of massage can last from 1 to 2 hours. It’s worth trying at least once in your life, and then you can not stop, because erotic massage is much more than sex. Pleasant touch, breathing, hand tactics all allow you to feel unearthly satisfaction and achieve unreal pleasure. You will plunge into the world of unforgettable pleasure. Erotic massage for a couple is a pleasure for her and for him, and the masseurs only direct and set the rhythm.
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