Body to body massage

  • 1hour250€
  • 1.5hour350€
  • 2hours450€

Body to body is the classics of sensual massage. It allows the most complete and emotional contact between the masseuse and her recipient.
Contrary to popular belief, it’s something more than a naked girl sliding on another person’s body. The philosophy of body to body massage is in establishing emotional connection between two people. Any person becomes a bit vulnerable and sensitive without their clothes. When our sexy masseuse enveloppes your body with her feminine charm, you can’t but feel relaxed and relieved from stress.
Imagine her hot heaps becoming so close, and her heat burning your skin! Once the masseuse feels your energy, she will become an astonishing sexy godess. She will quickly notice your sensitive spots and will repeat the techniques you like the most. You can also tell her what is the part of her body that excites you the most.
The temptation is big during this erotic full body massage, but you’ll have to play by her rules. The reward will be just as unbelievable as the beauty of your masseuse.

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