4 hands massage

  • 1hour500€
  • 1.5hour700€
  • 2hours900€

All men, without exception, love it when they are given a massage. Especially if this is an erotic procedure and is performed by a seductive masseuse. But there is a separate kind of procedures that will turn the representatives of the stronger sex around the idea of ​​pleasure – this is an erotic massage in four hands.

Such an effect on the male body will be a pass to the world of lightness and unusual sensations. Two experienced masseuse girls will do everything to deliver a real pleasure to a man. Such a massage, like everyone else, will prepare the body at the initial stage – relax it, distract it from different thoughts, and the rest of the time during the massage, the man completely forget about everything, even that his body is affected immediately by two sexy girls .

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