4 hands with lesbian show

  • 1hour600€
  • 1.5hour800€
  • 2hours1000€

Lesbian massage is not a pleasure for women, but for men!

Massage is one of the best ways to relax your body and soul. Correctly, conducted procedure will give a charge of energy, return the muscles to tone and adjust the general state of the body.

A man, madly tired of a heavy daily race, deserves at least sometimes to plunge into an incredible bliss that will not only relax, but also have fun.

To enhance the effect of the procedure, in addition to the massage, we offer to use the service of an erotic show. The comprehensive program is aimed not only at restoring health, but also in immersing oneself in one’s own fantasies. After one such session, you can feel how the energy penetrates the body, and covers the pleasure with the head.

What is Lesbian Massage?


Hearing a similar name, in the head immediately pops up a picture of two beautiful girls, gently caressing each other. Andthis is absolutely true representation, but how does this relate to massage?

The show, arranged by the girls for the man who is near, is designed for easy excitation and maximum distraction from everyday life. Two seductive ladies will lead a guest into a world of hidden fantasies. Before starting the session, they will please the client with a unique show in which they will caress each other’s charms, giving unforgettable moments of pleasure to the man’s look.

Sexy lesbian massage girls will hold a duet. The dance of their hands on your body will take you to a land of unforgettable pleasures. You will completely forget about the existence of the world around, plunged into the state of complete relaxation. The fact that this makes two charming nymphs will not leave indifferent any man. Erotic context and an incredible show with caresses, will present the coveted rest that you deserve!

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