Escort on secular parties

  • 1day1 500€
  • 2days2 700€
  • 3days3 900€
  • 4days5 100€
  • 5days6 300€
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Probably, many have heard such a thing as escort services, but not everyone knows what it means. Very often, after hearing this, many scornfully scoff, mistakenly implying this occupation of prostitution. Often such an opinion and concept are strongly mistaken. In our time it is difficult to surprise someone. But very often it happens that such an event as a secular party, I want to spend with a beautiful, intelligent, educated intelligent girl – a model interlocutor. And many wealthy men are willing to pay for it. In the world of business people like this: the more business, the more alienation. Normal, human communication sometimes becomes a luxury. What about intimacy? Today, there is enough proximity without an escort.

Escort services appeared not long ago. They are intended for those people who are usually called the cream of society – the people of successful and prosperous “ascended to Olympus glory” Such people very often attend social gatherings. And then the question arises: “Who can go to such an event to support the status of a successful person?”. Usually, it is not customary for such events to come alone in splendid isolation. Often, business people appear accompanied by a stunning, charming, interesting companion, who can, if necessary, maintain a conversation.

As a rule, these are girls who have higher education. A young lady should be charming, sociable, “savvy” in various matters. Often, they are graduates of the faculties of foreign languages, journalism or psychology. Girls, before they get into an escort, must pass an interview. The presence of at least two foreign languages is welcome. The main and the main credo of the escort agencies is the communicative and intellectual merits of the girls, and the model agencies, as a rule, provide only a feminine image.

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