Escort for a business meeting

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  • 2days2 700€
  • 3days3 900€
  • 4days5 100€
  • 5days6 300€
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You are planning a major transaction and you agree only on success, then our agency is ready to provide the best girls for escort, with such a companion you are doomed to success in making a deal or signing a contract. Increase your presentability and help to make a positive impression of you for your business partners. Our girls are well educated and always achieve their goals, they will help make a decision, defuse the situation. We guarantee to you the confidentiality of any data, both your personal and your business!

Today, as never before, business relations develop and strengthen in the process of communication. Communication occurs not only during negotiations, conversations, but also at receptions, for food. At the words “reception”, “banquet”, “dinner” usually there are associations associated with beautiful, elite girls – models, recreation, entertainment and similar pleasant things that do not require stress and mobilization.

Historically, the methods play an important role in the development of business contacts. It should be emphasized that the main content of the receptions is not eating and tasting drinks, but you can also say with an unofficial “casting” of elite ladies, girls – models, which is then repeatedly discussed. Usually receptions are of a business nature, they are conducted with the purpose of deepening and expanding contacts, obtaining the necessary information in an informal setting. The goal of any method is to facilitate the conclusion of mutually beneficial contracts.

In conversations on receptions, there is a mutual exchange of opinions and information, and the usefulness of this exchange also depends on the experience and diplomatic skills of girls. At the reception, the girls often have to meet and talk with many necessary people representing different circles of society on the request of the customer. And this is a continuation of the official activities of our girls, declared by the customer.

The semi-official reception allows our girls to make useful acquaintances, discuss in general the future contracts beneficial to the partners involved, expand and deepen the existing contacts, exchange views and opinions to better understand the economic, financial and other positions and claims of future partners, their characteristics in the organization business. In addition, for the pilot model, monitoring the behavior and actions of those invited to the reception can be a source of information, which in turn will serve as one of the basic components in making important decisions about the concluded transaction.

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