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  • 1day1 500€
  • 2days2 700€
  • 3days3 900€
  • 4days5 100€
  • 5days6 300€
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There are in life events that you want to share only with your closest friends. Have you defeated your competitors or achieved a sudden success in the professional field? Have you made a grand purchase, fulfilling the dream of your life? There can be a huge number of reasons, but only one – it is desirable to note this event somehow. At the same time, on the one hand, you want to make a holiday unforgettable, and on the other hand – to spend it in a private circle of exquisite girls models. Your corporate party will be the most discussed event for the whole company! Arrange an unforgettable night for yourself and for the most desirable friends. And do not forget to warn – entry only on the lists!

Many wealthy men who want to organize for themselves a rich and colorful event, often wonder: how expensive will be to invite a beautiful girl – a model for the holiday of “life”. A similar question arises for a reason. After all, beauty can be quite expensive. It requires special attention. And attention is not selfish, but admiring. Views on the beautiful model will be enthusiastic, if, of course, correctly choose a girl from the mass of various categories of our agency. For this we have a large staff of professional seductive models. They can be a great addition to any of your social events or business events. But this concept of luxury again, again, has its own criterion of values ​​and the corresponding assessment. For example, the cost of a luxury Rolls-Royce Phantom is estimated at hundreds of thousands of euros, and the beauty of a woman’s body, a smile, charm, grace, charm: she has absolutely no money equivalent, she’s priceless!

Women’s nature, desire and ability of a girl to attract admiring glances of surrounding men or wealthy business ladies: should not be measured in money. On prices in this period of thinking is not even necessary. Our agency is ready to provide you the most beautiful girls – models of all kinds of categories, at a very reasonable and affordable price. But think about the seriousness of your corporate party, for the sake of which you order model girls. Even the most serious event will be more beautiful if you are accompanied by our charming girl-model. The ability to look good is not built only on beautiful forms and bright outfits. The charm of the smile, the shape of the lips with the discreet cosmetics are capable of captivating any notorious skeptic with regard to female beauty.

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