Gift certificate

What is a gift certificate and how does it work?

It can be very difficult to make the right gift for your beloved or best friend, and maybe even a colleague at work. In this case, the choice of a gift always puts a stupor on any solemn occasion. And a timely bought gift certificate can greatly facilitate the choice of a gift. 5eroticdreams offers you the invites you to purchase a gift certificate for any of the programs for the originator of the celebration.


A gift certificate is an original and universal gift if you have a lonely friend, a relative, a colleague who loves the attention of girls or dreams that a beautiful, intelligent girl would make a company on a hike into a restaurant or be a companion at a party, yacht, or just walking around the city then you just have to realize his dream. Our escort girls are the best in Europe. Gift certificate will allow you to surprise and give the originator of the occasion the most original gift. This will be the most correct decision. You can order a gift certificate on the contact form or contact us through whatsapp or by phone.


We can buy valid certificates for a period of 1-5 days and they will be valid for 90 days from the date of purchase! Order now! Moreover, make a gift that you do not want to hide in the packaging!


A gift certificate is a very convenient service. Nobody will give up this gift. By giving a gift certificate, you give the originator of the celebration only the best feelings and pastime. Embodiment of erotic fantasies and immersion in the world of scorching and heated passions.


Terms of use: After presenting the certificate, you can order a girl of any class in our agency for the period that you ordered.


ATTENTION! The payment for travel, tickets, restaurants, and additional costs is not included in the price of the certificate. A gift certificate cannot exchanged for money, cannot be returned, it can only be used.

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