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5 Erotic Dreams is not just a name – it is the philosophy behind what we do every day. Much more than just an escort agency, we are purveyors of beautiful experiences and specialists of the fantasy getaway in France.

We don’t achieve this alone. The most important part of 5 Erotic Dreams is the bevvy of exquisite girls who make dreams come true every day. Do you have a dream that they can make real?

Escort Girls in France

Perhaps you are one of the millions of tourists that visit France every year. They come for business, pleasure, or both. Maybe you are a French resident that has the home to himself. Whatever your situation, we can accommodate your needs.

5 Erotic Dreams is an elite organisation. We are very careful in vetting every girl who is part of our team and appreciate dealing with elite clientele like you.

Our services extend to the main cities and regions in and around France:

  • Paris.
  • Nice.
  • Monaco.

Of course, if you want to go on tours around the country or see a particular site with a beautiful partner, we will go out of our way to fulfil your request.

An Escort Experience in France

5 Erotic Dreams creates escort experiences that do not feel like escort experiences. We weave webs of pleasurable experiences that resemble reality. No one will be able to tell that the girl who is looking adoringly up at you is anything but your special someone.

We will help you live your Girlfriend Experience (GFE) for a meal, a date, an outing or a whole holiday. Indulge and be indulged. Eat, drink and make merry. Discover her as a person and open up as much or as little as you want yourself.

The choice is yours, always.

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