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High fashion, gourmet food, fast cars, beautiful women — that is the heart and soul of la Italie.

When the world comes to Italy, they are looking for thrilling adventures that cannot be had anywhere else. 5 Erotic Dreams escort agency specializes in the exotic and our VIP service will show you how truly wonderful an Italian holiday can be.

Luxury Escort Services in Italy

We currently have a presence in four Italian cities:

  • Milan — world-leading art and fashion capital;
  • Rome — the Italian capital and known as the «Capital of the World»;
  • Venice — the romantic City of Canals;
  • Amalfi — a sleepy getaway on the Tyrrhenian coast, perfect for a secret rendezvous.

By no means is this an exhaustive list. 5 Erotic Dreams lives to please you — if your plans call for a beautiful escort to accompany you outside of these four locations, we will certainly find a way to accommodate it.

Feel like going to all four cities and partying with a different female escort in each city? We can arrange it today. Meet someone you like and want to include them in your entourage? Your wish is our command. 5 Erotic Dreams is your gateway to living a life of carefree luxury and pleasure.

The Best Italian Escorts

p>Each 5 Erotic Dreams escort is a stunning creation from head to toe. Physical beauty is one of our main criteria but we also place extraordinary emphasis on personal bearing, education and sophistication. This means that every one of our ladies is the best companion whether you want a cultured day out at the opera or a heart-pounding skydiving adventure.

The other area on which we focus is your privacy. All information is handled with the utmost confidentiality for your peace of mind by both the escorts and our admin team. You see, there is simply no reason to delay. Get in touch with us and unlock a world of hedonistic pleasure you never thought possible.

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