• What 5eroticdreams has to offer?

    5eroticdreams provide travel companions and a great time in the company of a beautiful model. Models as from the covers of magazines, passing along the podiums during fashion shows - they are the dream of a modern man. Beautiful, young, exquisitely dressed, with a beautiful smile and kind eyes, they attract the attention of the powerful.

    Beautiful girls walk not only along the catwalk. They accompany men at various events. They are not stupid and empty, as many claim. Our girls often travel, communicate with different people, so they know foreign languages, all the rules of behavior in high society. When such a companion is near you start transforming yourself. For it there is no shame, it will never be inappropriate, intrusive and irritable.

    Certainly, Girlfriend experience is one of the best ways to emphasize high social status and demonstrate to your surroundings your excellent taste.

    Accompany the girls to various events. It can be evenings in high society, theatrical productions, exhibitions. A girl with can make a company for dinner. She will share a meal with you, support an interesting conversation and brighten up the loneliness.

    Charming girls can also decorate a business meeting. They are happy to make the company to a man who came from a distance. A man traveling on business is unlikely to take a companion. So that he does not feel lonely, invite for him an interesting and young girl who will spend the evening with him for a pleasant conversation. Is there a party with friends? Andhere our girls will come to the rescue. Rest with a beautiful companion will give positive emotions. Ordering yourself for the evening, a luxurious companion is how to get the key to a higher society. A beautiful and intelligent girl must accompany a decent man, which corresponds to his status. When you find out that the famous Hollywood actresses and famous models worked in the escort, you will understand why the accompaniment of such girls positively affects not only the mood, but also the sense of dignity.

    Young Asian women, mulattoes, Russian girls - they all work in our escort service. If you need a companion for a private event that should match your situation in the community, then ask for help.

    The appearance in the world obliges a man to be with a beautiful companion. We understand that in a tough schedule of meetings and negotiations, business trips around the world; it is hard to find a minute to do your personal life. In this case, the young beauties from our gallery will be an ideal couple for one evening. Next to such a companion, you will feel like the master of the world. We invite you to visit a social event with one of the most beautiful girls. Everyone present will turn to her. All men will have one question - how you met with her and this is an occasion to get to know you.

    You will be pleased with the fact that the girls are educated and very cultured. They know the rules of etiquette and behavior in an elite society, so they will not put you in an embarrassing situation. Despite their appearance, mulattoes, Asians, African Americans - all perfectly speak foreign languages.

    If the meeting is an important business partner for you, then you can play not on the beauty, but on the erudition of your companion. The most uncommunicative opponent will be pleasantly surprised and amazed at the wide outlook of the girl. If you are such a smart and adorable mulatto, then he can be sure that you are no less educated. To meet a beautiful stranger and spend an evening in the company of a girl can be right now.

  • Support agencies - how everything should be?

    The main rule - escort services are confidential.  5eroticdreams guarantee that you are not removed or photographed for profit. Also, a girl has no right to disclose all the information she has heard, if she accompanies you at a business meeting. If you order escort services, then you can be sure that no one will know.

    Escort services for individuals, but remember that you choose not only beautiful girls for an interesting evening, but also your reputation. Escort of girls involves visiting high society parties, where high-ranking personalities are present, therefore escort services should provide by a companion with an unblemished reputation. We publish only real photos of girls; we do not use photos of models from the Internet as other agencies.

    A reliable agency that provides escort services must necessarily sign a contract with you. Only written certified documents guarantee the safety of customers and their companions. You can learn all the terms of the contract from managers. We offer you the best conditions for cooperation.

    Choose an escort agency is difficult. It is necessary to know exactly the list of services provided, to orient oneself by price. We give confirmation of payment, and payment can made in any convenient way for the customer. We have gift certificates for customers who want to please their friends, relatives or colleagues.

    At the request of the client, we can arrange a trip, book a plane ticket, book a hotel, and order the best restaurants in the world.

    5eroticdreams offer you escort services of the highest level - only the most beautiful girls who trained in all the rules of etiquette, profitable conversation in any setting. We guarantee that all your wishes will fulfilled. Companions know exactly what the customer wants from them, so you will not have problems.

  • Comment ça marche?

    Nos modèles d'élite seront en mesure de voyager avec vous partout dans le monde, seulement une commande doit être faite à l'avance. Si vous voulez commander les services d'escorte ou de voyage avec le modèle, vous devez le faire au moins 5 jours avant le voyage, si vous voulez commander une fille immédiatement, 24 heures avant le voyage, sinon des frais supplémentaires seront facturés, vous avez besoin pour choisir le voyage qui vous intéresse après quelle fille vous voulez commander, le pays où vous voulez aller avec elle, le mode de paiement, puis choisissez combien de jours votre voyage va durer.

  • Why I need to book travel girl with you?

    Agencies to accompany men are very popular and even compulsory for modern society. Many high-ranking men in the age of unmarried, as well as elite events without a beautiful companion is impossible. A good escort agency is quite difficult to find. Most organizations provide an opportunity to get acquainted with different girls who can spend time with you in the ordinary atmosphere or on vacation.  5eroticdreams of the highest level provides services of a different level - these are girls with higher education, knowledge of several foreign languages, etiquette. How to find a suitable escort agency to get exactly what you need. How to choose a company where you will provided with quality services on the most favorable terms.

  • How Do I Get A Real GFE?

    Our agency offers a real GFE experience for any situation, all our girls want only one thing, so you spend a great time with them, you will amazed by their sincerity and respect for you.

    Real GFE is completely confidential. GFE are not girls on call. The range of services in this area is much broader. Escort involves accompanying men to any activities. If you are rich and lonely, our agency will pick up the ideal girlfriend for attending various events. Together with the beautiful young woman, you will forget about loneliness, and all around will only say that about you and the mysterious companion.

    In a modern elite society, it is very important to be in company with a beautiful woman. Just look at the stars. On the red carpet, no one appears alone. And for constant shooting, is there time to look for a sweetheart? All of them use escort services, only their girls are educated, intelligent. We offer you such services. Now, it seems unusual, strange, humiliating. In fact, GFE has long become common for rich and respectable men and is quite common, prestigious and expensive.

    Absolute confidentiality of the contract is a very important condition for cooperation. Before you meet with a companion, you sign a contract with the agency, which stipulates all the terms of cooperation. The document contains the exact period for which you hire a girl, a list of services that she should provide. However, the most important point is complete confidentiality. The girl signs an agreement on non-disclosure of any information she will hear during the meetings.

    And how about sex?
    GFE is a service with complete confidentiality and men are often interested in the issue of intimate communication. We do not rule out the possibility of such a relationship, but we cannot force a girl to have sex. Even oral sex not granted for a high fee, because our girls do not engage in prostitution. In any case, if this happened, and you are a married man, or you have a permanent girlfriend, you can be sure that no one will know about it. We will arrange for you a great companion, a full rest and exciting entertainment with a guarantee of privacy and security.

    Communicative is a must for GFE. Modest, notorious - such do not take in escort. In our agency, there are beautiful elite girls who are able to support the conversation and have a wide horizon. They are always sociable and kind to the companion and his acquaintances. Girls have higher education, are well read and erudite. It is nice to strike up a conversation with them;it is not a shame to present such a companion to partners.

    Punctuality is also a very important factor for GFE. Without this quality, do not get an escort job and our girls know it. After all, for such a respectful and respectable man, like you, time is more expensive than much. Time is money. Our girls will never let us down in this way. GFE is strictly on schedule.

    Wide outlook is what you will remember in GFE. In addition to erudition, the ability to support conversation, a good sense of humor and knowledge of foreign languages ​​is also valued. The cost of escort services can be higher, depending on the erudition and skills of the candidate. We have real treasures in stock - and we are talking about successful and smart beauties who, if they open their mouths, then on business.

  • Comment puis-je payer?

    Le paiement peut être effectué en bitcoins, par mandat, ou en espèces à un prépaiement de 50% en réserve, après quoi l'agence contacte immédiatement le client, fournit des informations sur la fille, son numéro de téléphone, email, Skype et informe sur actions.L'agence demandera obligatoirement la confirmation de la réservation de l'hôtel / des appartements / chalets / villas, des billets d'avion et une copie du passeport du client qui a passé la commande (toutes les informations sont strictement confidentielles), l'agence est pleinement habilitée à demander des documents d'intérêt sur demande. Après que la fille vous a rencontré, vous devez payer la deuxième moitié du coût de la commande à la fille dans les mains / bitcoins / mandat.

  • Si je veux annuler ma réservation, que puis-je faire?

    En cas d'annulation par le client:
    Si vous annulez la commande 24 heures avant le voyage, 50% de la réserve est facturée. Si vous annulez la commande, lorsque la fille est déjà sur la route du client, 100% de la réserve lui est facturée. Si le client annule la commande immédiatement ou dans les 3 jours (62 heures) après l'exécution de la commande, la réserve lui est retournée en totalité 50% Si après 3 jours (62 heures) une réserve de 30% est retournée

    En cas d'annulation par la fille:
    Si la fille a annulé la commande 24 heures avant le voyage, alors vous devez montrer les billets que vous avez payés pour le nom et le prénom de la fille, ils seront remboursés en totalité, et le client pourra choisir n'importe quelle autre fille de l'agence et vous recevra un rabais. Si la fille annule la commande immédiatement ou jusqu'à 3 jours (62 heures) après la commande, le client ne reçoit rien et a la possibilité de choisir une autre fille..

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