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Hot, sensuous and spicy, Spain is where passions collide and dreams and fantasies come true. With Europe on one side, the Atlantic Ocean on one coast and the Mediterranean Sea on the other, the country is a vibrant world of contrasts. In no place is that more pronounced than in the women who embody its passions.

5 Erotic Dreams loves Spain for this variety. It inspires us to go beyond being an escort agency and instead aspire to become a bridge between intelligent, educated men and women who love life and the exciting experiences it brings.

We extend our service to Spain’s best cities and to the exciting destinations in the vicinity:

  • Madrid.
  • Barcelona.
  • Ibiza.
  • Palma de Mallorca.

Escort Girls in Spain

The essence of the red-blooded Spanish woman is world famous. From her fiery personality, her blinding hot passions, the curves of her form as she dances, and the irresistible lilt of her speech, everything adds up to perfection. Which man would not be intrigued and enamoured?

If you can feel your curiosity for Spanish women rising, perhaps the best isn’t just a simple date. Maybe your soul calls out to hers on a different level altogether. If that is the case, you should consider a longer term interaction.

Some men choose the Girlfriend Experience (GFE), which creates an exciting dynamic. It can be spent in a resort all weekend, or it can be a complete holiday with escorted tours and private jet escapades.

The Spanish VIP Escort Experience

No matter your identity, we treat every client with the utmost confidence, privacy and respect. You will be able to enjoy a world that feels like a second home without any of the pressures and obligations. Our single focus is your comfort and pleasure.

Let’s make it happen right now.

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