New Year in Paris

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Paris is a unique city, in which practically everything is possible. Here you can stroll through the ancient streets, sunbathe on the beach with world stars, or simply watch the passers-by on the most artistic street in the country of Montmartre. In addition, having in your pocket superfluous some tens dollars, it is possible to test good luck in one of numerous casinos.


Paris is a city of contrasts, where wealth and poverty exist peacefully for many centuries. Of course, it is better if you belong to the first category and can afford a luxurious pastime in a pleasant company of the gallant chevalier. Moreover, two in this oasis of love and passion, there is always something to do. Therefore, paired with a pleasant companion you can visit one of the famous restaurants, taste rare varieties of cheese, practice thalassotherapy in Brittany or try to get used to the role of prince and princess in the castles of the Loire.

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