VIP class models in Dubai

As you know, the UAE is a Muslim country and women are usually closed here, so the escort services of local Arabs are very popular. Among girls, Slavs and blondes are especially valued, as this region is exotic. On the sites of Dubai escort agencies that work in 24/7 mode, you can find girls for every taste and color.


Prices for elite VIP escort in Dubai can reach 3000 or even 5000 dirhams per hour. The sites of premium escort agencies have high-quality photos and prices for all types of services.


As you know, Dubai is a city of contrasts and local residents, mostly Muslims, behaving differently here. Some of them observe all the religious laws, devoting a lot of time to prayers, while others, quite can afford entertainment for adults, especially since it is affordable for them. It is no secret that many residents of the Middle East and Dubai are also delighted with such Arab beauties as Mia Khalifa, although there are enough people in the Muslim world who hate it and even threaten to die because of the fact that it casts a shadow to all Arab women.


Dubai is a city of merchants

Dubai is not only a developed infrastructure, expensive cars, chic hotels and skyscrapers looking to the east, but also inescapable eastern exotica with Arab coffee houses, eternally killing bazaars, and women, from head to toe, wrapped in a veil.


Modern Dubai offers you the best of the possible

The tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalif, the newest and largest shopping mall in the Middle East, the Dubai Mall, with a stunning oceanarium, the fashionable Dubai Marina district, the eighth wonder of the world – an artificial palm island and much more…


A girl who is interested in working in an escort in the UAE, can get it with the help of an escort agency. Work for girls in the UAE will open the way to a new, prosperous and respectable life. This highly paid job for girls in the UAE will allow buying expensive stylish things in modern shopping centers, dining and dining in elite restaurants, visiting fashion clubs and beauty salons.


Working in an escort in Dubai is ideal for pretty, gentle and non-conflicting girls who are able to interest men not only with their appearance but with their soul. If a girl knows how to dance well, it can also come in handy. Such activities, if, of course, the girl will be interested and invited to her, can bring her very good income paid by customers, sometimes in the form of gifts, ornaments with precious stones, the price of which is tens or even hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

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