Travel model escorts available worldwide

Model escort services abroad

Allow yourself to take the chance to live the way you always dreamed. You will not need incredible efforts. Working in an escort abroad is the same opportunity that qualitatively changes everything at once.


Escort tours will open for you a truly fantastic prospect:

  • Incredible acquaintances;
  • extraordinary entertainment;
  • the best restaurants;
  • luxurious clothes.


And this, apart from high incomes, living in any country in the world by choice and fulfilling almost all whims. About a highly paid job for girls dream of millions of girls and you – one of them. So make that step, after which everything will change.


What do the models receive from VIP work?

  • The best job offers in Germany and many other European countries;
  • VIP work in the USA, Israel, China or South Korea, and with them new impressions, meetings and discoveries;
  • a different standard of living. Five-star hotels, clubs and yachts, great gifts and expensive restaurants;
  • Income;
  • Support from the agency throughout the tour. We are always ready to help you in solving any problem.


Customers who are familiar with models – people are successful and wealthy and, importantly, with a variety of tastes. On whether you like the client, whether for him really a friend, in this business depends a lot. Some members of the stronger sex are fully capable of giving a girl a magnificent decoration from the most fashionable couturier, or buying her luxurious apartments as a token of gratitude. There are many examples of when from such a temporary girlfriend turned into a friend of life. Who knows, maybe in one of the distant countries you will meet your love and destiny.


A girl can always refuse to spend time with an unpleasant person, enough of your polite refusal. Such work allows you to see the world and replenish your piggy bank with many new uncharted impressions, as well as significantly increase your bank account. After several such tours for the girl, it is not difficult now to buy your own apartment, a new car, to choose any country for living, to help your relatives.

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