Travel companions to hot countries

Many Russian girls, having been on vacation in warm countries, decide to go there once to escort. At the beginning of zero, a flurry of resort romances with girls overwhelmed almost all tourist cities.



This is why many requirements imposed on the type of girl working in hot countries. Men really appreciate grooming, pretty, slender and tidy appearance. Blonde you or a brunette, mostly unimportant, most importantly – brightness, sexuality. The age of escorts varies usually up to 30 years, if you are older – call less often or ask for a discount. Excess weight in these countries is just superfluous! Best of all, if a girl wears an XS-S clothing size, and has a breast size of 2-3.



Often in such countries, men trade simply because it is in their blood, the national tradition is this. Try not to succumb to persuasion: having lowered the price, established initially, you cannot raise it ever! In the process of love, men are passionate enough (or think themselves to be so), they like kissing and if your profile includes services included in paid time, there is a high probability that you will asked to fulfill them. It happens that under the guise of clients come enough inadequate individuals who are willing and capable of messing up bad deeds. However, it would be unfair to keep silent about the fact that the lion’s share of men are very easy to communicate, romantic and generous. When working for a high price, it can assumed that most of you will go to you.


Portfolio for work in hot countries

There, men like beautiful, moderately sexy photo sessions without an obvious plaque. Be sure to ask for Selfie, and if you are ready to send a video – you will be interested in exactly! In the age of high technology, it will sound ridiculous that you do not have photos from life, so do not be afraid and do not be lazy to send them to the watts if they ask.


You can work from a good agency for a great price, or you can place your profiles on escort sites, if you know English well. Another good option – to get acquainted on dating sites, having made it clear to the man that you are financially interested. In the latter case, try to meet in good hotels and punch a number on escort sites, because in any country in the world there is a black list of customers. The police in Istanbul wool very sluggish, and if you do not go to parties where 3-4 girls are required, you have virtually no chance of being deported; the police officers do not go to hotels. If you follow elementary precautionary rules and treat as clients of men solely solvent, you have every chance to make good money.

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