Girls who offer escort services

How much could you ever know about the people you exchange smiles with on the way to work, or the people with whom you work, or even your own family and friends?

If you sat down and thought about it, how many of them could you absolutely with certainty preclude from being, having been or potentially ever becoming an escort?


What Makes an Escort?

The world of escorts is not what Hollywood’s perverted take on this world (and everything else) it portrays.

Exceptional beauty is not a prerequisite. Neither is any particular body shape or type. Even age does not really matter, nor does gender. In fact, escorts possess almost as wide a range of physical attributes as there are people in the world.

Escort girls tend to needs that are far broader than those provided by the average sexual massage therapist or brothel worker; a transaction that buys an escort’s time is much more complex.

Girls who work as escorts offer companionship more than sex acts. Of course, sex is seldom off the table, but it may not be as important as the individual who requests escort services may have other priorities.

The term The Girlfriend Experience has entered the modern lexicon based on this all-round service.


Why Do Girls Offer Escort Services?

It is perhaps the question of why individuals turn to performing escort services that offers the most insightful look into their world.

Of course, money is the bottom line, and anyone who tells you otherwise is just being coy or plain dishonest. It is the reason for which the escort wants to earn money that is the real question.

It is not uncommon for college students to offer escort services to pay for tuition. Some housewives and single mothers resort to escort work to help pay the bills, with or without the knowledge of the people with whom they live. Others just do it to fund a lavish lifestyle which they otherwise cannot afford.

The main reasons that prompt a girl to enter this world are listed below. They often overlap:


  • A desire for large earnings as remuneration for comparably little work
  • Financial stress that is affecting them personally, but often affecting their families as well
  • An interest in sex work, but in a way that is easier for them to accept
  • High sexual libido

Life works in strange ways and leads people down many paths. Girls who offer escort services are as varied and nuanced as you and I. They accept you for who you are; you can do the same.

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