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The word courtesan (cortigiana) is of Italian origin and previously translated as “lady at court”. In the history of escort services, there are many examples where charming women possessed an amazing ability to conquer whole cities and states with their beauty and sharp mind. Under the influence of beautiful ladies, the greatest events were changing the course of history. A courtesan named Countess Castiglione, having spent only one night with Napoleon, was able to persuade the Emperor to complete the unification of Italy. And the well-known to the whole world, the heterosexual Frina Mysaret, who lived in Ancient Greece, saved her perfect beauty from the death penalty, and the court herself, to which the girl was exposed, went down in history.


In the Renaissance, courtesans called prostitutes, who provided services only to clients from high society. A little later, the notion of “honest courtesan” appeared, the so-called courtesans with a good education, high manners, owning different types of art. Such girls led a philistine way of life.


Courtesans became famous personalities, the most famous of them – the magnificent Imperia, it was called the empress of the Roman courtesans, the Roman writer and philosopher Tulliad’Aragona, the famous poetesses, Veronica Franco and GasparaStampa.


The Italian courtesan is a mysterious and romantic person, a magnificent beauty, a clever and vicious woman, possessing various kinds of arts, capable of conquering any man.


If you believe the documents of 1542, in Italy, any unmarried woman who had an intimate life with one or several men considered a prostitute. Also, the definition of a prostitute was married women, but those who lived not with her husband and had an intimate life with another man. By the 16th century, the number of such courtesans was 10% of the total population. For 150 years, prostitutes were forced to live in specially provided neighborhoods, but in 1498 they were allowed to stay in any part of the city.


Courtesans lived in a wonderful era of the revival and flowering of art and culture in general. But this beautiful era was also famous for its cruelty, when prostitutes were punished for their activities, but at the same time, absolutely everyone felt in them need. At that time there were much more men than women, in addition many men because of the specifics of their profession simply could not marry. Italy eventually allowed prostitution to be, it believed that only if there were courtesans in society, there would be decent women and faithful wives.

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