Luxury escorts in Paris

The escort in France, for many years, retains the first positions in popularity among girls from all over the world. The French are loving men and it is not surprising that the escort in this country is put on stream. The main thing that you need to remember the girl who was going to escort in Paris is that the crime rate there is very high. There are street vendors and pickpockets and homeless people in huge numbers sleeping at night on the streets. Of course, there are also robbers who understand that an escort lady probably has a large amount of money with her. If you decided to go on tour from the agency, be prepared for the fact that you have a great chance to run into a robber.

Despite the fact that many agencies convince girls of their 200% safety, they beat themselves in the chest, that all clients have proven them, robberies are still quite common. As a rule, citizens of the EU do not engage in criminal activity, therefore, citizens of the once-native countries of the CIS, Romania, and Serbia, sometimes Morocco, Libya, Pakistan and other third world countries go for easy money to the girls. However, the latter, as a rule, do not know English well or speak it with a clear accent that is immediately computed by a competent dispatcher. Girls usually take on the apartments, rarely in the hotel. In Paris, an apartment costs an average of 1000 euro per week, depending on conditions, remoteness from the center, district and other factors. In other cities, about the same prices for housing. Optimal lodging in the apartment, because the hotel is more expensive, and can drive from it almost immediately.


Working types

In Paris, and throughout France as a whole, thin and lovely girls are valued, preferably up to 25-30 years. But, even if you are 35, you too can work, the main thing – beauty and grooming. And Thinness. Yes, Paris is not Dubai, it is just the opposite! If the listed external data is not available, then you have all the chances to leave France with a penny of earned money, or even go to the negative.

Customers in France

The French are very meticulous customers. They are very fond of good service and prefer to spend with the girl all the time, from a call to a call. These are typical Europeans who pay a lot of attention to the girl’s goodwill, her mood. Sometimes Frenchmen bring gifts like candy or wine, so you can brighten up time by having a tea party. Beware of drinking alcohol from the brought bottle – there may be something mixed, such cases have happened. In general, presents or flowers for a Frenchman going to a lady is a kind of tradition. Regular customers can give perfume, jewelry, expensive accessories. In Paris, a wealthy European, you probably will not meet and the chances of getting a gift as an apartment or car are minimal, but still, the French are generous enough.


Many girls, for the first time coming abroad to work, literally go crazy from the abundance of brand shops around. So if you really want to get a new expensive little thing, ask a client to arrange a shopping for you on Lafayette or Beaumarchais. It is not easy and dangerous to earn money in France, but it is quite realistic, therefore, to postpone the earned money for useful needs will be a wise act.

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