Elite travel models in USA

America … Probably every second girl at least once in her life dreamed of changing her residence and moving from her town to the shore of the ocean … But what if you are the rare case when dreams come true?


USA – the birthplace of hamburgers and rich men

A trip to the US is an event that will radically change your opinion of a beautiful and carefree life. Even with a strong desire in the vastness of our country, one cannot experience all those emotions that a person experiences, first finding himself on the ocean shore.


There are plenty of places in America where you can have a good time. There are classes for every taste: for sophisticated shopaholics, for connoisseurs of spiritual and cultural development, and for lovers of carefree vacations.


If your financial capabilities do not allow you to independently purchase a ticket, then an escort tour in the US is an ideal option not only to see the world, but also to make good money on it.


Escort work for girls in the USA

Escort agencies have long and very productive work in the US. Of all the possible options selected the most suitable city for the escort tour – the focus of the location of the richest and famous men.


Washington is the business center of America. The number of millionaires per square meter in this city is just off scale. It is logical that Americans spend their money earned gracefully and beautifully. And what can be more beautiful walks through the cultural places of the city in the company of a pleasant young person.


New York is a city of contrasts. It is home to the “minds” of the country, who spend their days at work. And to relax after a busy day and remove the accumulated tension they are helped by escort models, girls who know a lot about rest.


Las Vegas is a dream city. Here life rages 24 hours a day. Endless bars, casinos, concerts, exhibitions, an amazing holiday for the rich and famous. Do you want to feel part of a social gathering? We will show you how.


Well, lovers of splashing in the warm waters of the ocean are always sent to Miami. White sand, unspoiled beaches, tanned half-naked men – an erotic fantasy of every girl. Although, you also have all chances to bask under the scorching American sun on one of the beaches of Miami.

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