Asian vacation with companion

Services escort agencies have become popular on the labor market not so long ago. First in the countries of Europe, in the West, after and in Asia. Western and eastern escort initially implies the provision of services only for escort, and get into such an agency can girls not only with a growth of two meters. Clients meet different, and it happens that they are not very confident in the company of several representatives of the fair sex model appearance.


There is a myth that clients of these agencies are always elderly rich people or elderly people. This is not entirely true. It would be more correct to say that such customers are about 50% of all customers. Often really, these businesspersons happily use the services of agencies.


Girls working in agencies tell that they are divided into two types: “clean” (providing only escort services) and those who work extra (agreeing and extending the evening for a certain amount). They, as a rule, are located in the agency separately from each other.


The most attractive in terms of money is the escort. Such services bring stable, good earnings. There is an opportunity to visit an exotic island or a private event for influential guests. VIP accompaniment held at secular evenings in elite companies, which opens the curtain for a promising meeting.


Currently, there is no more intriguing variety of tourism than sex tourism, which, of course, is due to the piquancy of his appointment. In a number of countries in Europe and Asia, sex tourism is considered almost the most profitable business and promises huge tourist flows to countries. Of course, at the official level, the development of such a direction is not advertised, but everyone is aware of this.


The attractiveness of the new variety of tourism is not limited to a specific target audience. Travel “for sex” is in demand among people of different ages and, of course, of any gender. The geography of sex tourism is constantly expanding, and in specific regions of Asia, it has its own specific features. However, the centuries-old development of the sex industry has highlighted a few countries, where tourists are most often chosen to seek adventures.


If the purpose of your trip is sex tourism, be sure to visit the Thai city of Pattaya. In the evening, the streets of the city come to a noticeable excitement and are filled with an abundance of people. For the guests of the city all kinds of bars, cafes, as well as nightclubs and massage parlors open. And in almost every institution (if it is his policy), anyone who wishes will necessarily find a lady of pleasant appearance who will not mind spending time with a good man.


An excellent place to search, accompanying in a sex tour for an escort, will be ordinary city streets. In particular, Beach road or Second Street are those cherished places where lovers will not leave you unattended, even if you go not alone, but in a big company or even with a couple.


In any case, a sex tour for an escort is a great experiment opportunity that promises you the most unforgettable emotions.

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