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Geisha is an escort in the East

The word geisha in translation means “entertaining”. A word with a similar meaning is missing in many languages, so many mistakenly believed that a geisha is the same as a courtesan. This error was also admitted because in the distant past in the West, the actress’s activities amounted to prostitution. Geisha necessarily owns different kinds of art. She sings beautifully, dances and perfectly plays musical instruments. From time immemorial, geisha artistically performed in teahouses, entertaining men with dances, songs, interesting conversations. In our time, the geisha’s profession has not disappeared, and one can rightfully assume that geishas are providing escort services.


High-ranking men, influential businesspersons still come to teahouses where they can discuss important business topics, while relaxing in a cozy atmosphere surrounded by charming women. No intimate continuation from meetings with geisha should not be, to the charming interlocutor and the dancer you cannot even touch and any attempts on the part of the client are strictly suppressed. In Japan, communication with geisha is very expensive, not everyone is able to afford it. Geishas have a decent income, but in some things are limited. If a geisha gets married she immediately loses her job and can no longer engage in this profession, but she can have children, this is not forbidden.


Over time, the life of a geisha has changed in many respects and in the modern world, some traditions are missing. One of such customs is the deprivation of a virgin apprentice. The students were called maiko. It was believed that she becomes a geisha only after one of the most respected customers of a teahouse will make a woman out of a girl. Being first in Maiko was considered a high honor, so customers were willing to pay a very large sum, which would be enough even to buy a house.


Previously, the art of being a geisha was a hereditary profession that was passed on from generation to generation and the maikoalways came from families of geishas. Girls started to teach this ancient profession from early childhood, they taught etiquette, music, and dances. In the modern world, maiko must first get a general education, up to 15 years they are enrolled in school, and only then, girls start to master the geisha profession. Now Maiko is not necessarily born in a geisha family, any girl can choose a geisha at will.


The art of geisha captivates with its mysteriousness. Geisha has an incomprehensible femininity, beauty and charm. And she does not cease to be a master, even in old age. High-age dancers and singers are able to charm men as good as young beauties.


For the most part, geishas have always lived under the patronage of rich, revered men of advanced age who were able to support not only their family, but also a geisha. In Japan, keeping a geisha is prestigious, and men consider it a matter of honor to ensure the life of any of the geishas. Especially rich men are able to contain several geishas. But sex was never included in the list of services that geishas provide, indulging a man. Sleeping with a man for money means for a geisha, lose his high dignity and status. The client of the teahouse can even be allowed to spend the night among the geishas, ​​but in this case,the mentor will not stop all night to ensure that he does not lose control and does not allow himself too much. But a man is happy just to sleep surrounded by beautiful women and is willing to pay for what the first thing he sees in the morning is their beautiful eyes.


Interestingly, in Japan, wives are quite calm about the fact that their husbands spend time in the company of a geisha. The status of a wife in society is incredibly high and their understanding of the fact that a man needs female attention is much appreciated. The wife is the mistress of the house, her delicate shoulders have many worries, often the wives are even happy that her husband brings home a salary and goes to the teahouse without interfering with her home chores. She simply does not have enough time and energy to entertain her husband, and geishas can satisfy the needs of men in pleasant female communication and comfortable rest. The wife is only happy to share her female responsibilities with a geisha. And for a geisha, such meetings are a highly paid job and a lot of opportunities.


The modern geisha not only knows the art of singing, dancing and playing musical instruments, but also must communicate freely in several languages, be able to maintain conversation on any topic and listen carefully to the client, and conduct tea ceremonies in accordance with all the rules of this important tradition. To be a geisha is the art of being a refined and wise woman, to be able to please a man, to make him happy.


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